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5-Bromoacetyl Salicylamide

Bromoacetyl Salicylamide is a white light yellow powder used for production of cardivuscular drugs and medicines. Prepared using salicylamide and acetyl chloride, it is highly effective and extensively used in the medical industry. As a trusted manufacturer, we formulate Bromoacetyl Salicylamide in accordance to the international quality standards. Post production, our product is purified, filtered and quality tested at various stages to confirm its precise composition, moisture content and effectiveness. Our team of experts use finest chemical agents and ingredients to ensure the final output is completely flawless. Also, these are packed in HM-HDPE carboys to assure safe handling during transportation.


Application LabetololHCL
Name: 5-Bromoacetyl salicylamide
Synonyms 5-(Bromoacetyl)salicylamide
Molecular Formula C9H8BrNO3
Molecular Weight 258.07
CAS 73866-23-6
EINECS 277-626-8
Apperance White powder